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About us

Trauma Nursing Research Center is an organization which is affiliated to Kashan University of Medical Sciences and was established in 2012. Dr Negin Maosudi Alavi (Ph.D in nursing education) is currently the head of this research center. This center has 5 scientific members and more than 20 researchers.



- To expand and usehuman knowledge in the field of trauma nursingscience
- To performancebasic epidemiological and clinical researches in order to correction the system of offering health services in the field of trauma nursing to response the needs of the community.
- To collect, arrange and classify nursing documents, articles and publication in the field of trauma
- To train researchers in the field of trauma nursing
- To encourage and employ researchers to conduct applied researches in trauma nursing
- To attempt to collaborate with relevant research centers within the country and abroad in the field of  trauma nursing



To promote and disseminate scientific and applied researches in trauma nursingge



The main focus of the this center is to provide science-based research in trauma nursing and existing capabilities to expand the knowledge and capacity of individuals to promote and maintain health based on human resources and new technologies.

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