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About us

Health Information Management Research Center (HIMRC) is an organization which is affiliated to Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran, and was established in 2015 by Dr. Mehrdad Farzandipour. In 2015 this center was approved by Vice-Chancellor of Research Affairs, Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Now this center acts as the reference standards for best practices in HIM research. It has 20 research Council members. We are keen to recruit students, young researchers, teaching fellows and clinicians with an interest in Health Information Management and technology.



The Health Information Management Research Center, as a leading center, considers its most important mission to carry out community-based knowledge-based and applied research in healthcare for the promotion of community health and the production of science. The center is committed to providing new research and quality information, support for fundamental initiatives in promoting a variety of health systems. This center, utilizing the most efficient and committed manpower for the management of information systems, is committed to producing new research and quality information, supporting initiatives and initiatives for the promotion of a variety of health systems, in such a way as to guide policy and decision making.



We are striving to get the highest ranking by using the scientific and active people, expanding the cooperation of the centers inside and outside the country, implementing national and international projects to promote health information management and technology and expand interdisciplinary and collaborative research, compared with other information management research centers.


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