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About us

The Infectious Diseases Research Center of Kashan University of Medical Sciences has been established since 2015 with the consent of the principals. Standardized health care and epidemic control and its economic and social consequences.


- Prioritize research on infectious diseases
- Developing, reviewing, and implementing partner plans
- Providing diagnostic and therapeutic guides
- Nursing education in terms of comprehensive precautions
- Increasing access to appropriate prevention and treatment of diseases through increased health systems
- Intermediate conferences in cities
- Continuation of cooperation with International Infectious Diseases Research Centers and other fields
- Creating a broader relationship between clinical and basic sciences
- Providing study opportunities to nurses and physicians
- Harm reduction
- Preparation and distribution of journals


We intend to take steps to control the contagious diseases of the region by raising the level of science and treatment standards for infectious diseases of the city and country.About us



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