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Student life

Providing high quality education to meet the needs of current and future generations, conducting a broad range of research and striving to be the best in performance and health care delivery as well as public health are KAUMS main goals. Performance of academic members, students, managers, and staffs of the university has enabled KAUMS to be recognized as a university “type I” among the other medical universities in the country by the Ministry of Health & Medical Education.



Kashan, as the mother of pearl of wisdom, is well-known for its scholars, great and famous artisans and artists along the length of history. Moreover, it has an ancient cultural background in the world. It is also one of touristic and historical cities. Various old and traditional arts as well as different weather regions around the city have added lots of beauties and interests to it. Kashan culture and history returns to 8000 years ago when people had settled and lived in the Sialk Hills.


Life & Cost

Kashan is a safe and peaceful town. Less crowded, less traffic, less air and sound pollutions and not expensive life expenses are some advantages of living here.



Situated in the center of Iran with many highways connecting the city to Tehran and Isfahan, and is well equipped by train, airport and bus services.



Kashan is regarded as one of the important industrial centers of Iran with over 350 industrial units which are operating in the region. Hand woven carpets, Silk, Rose water, pottery, traditional muffins and baklava and recently automotive industry are the most popular products.



Kashan has arid and semi-arid climate while in the mountain areas, there is a cold climate. Different weather regions around the city have added lots of beauties and interests to it.



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