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 About Maragheh

Maragheh city is an ancient city and the second largest city of East Azerbaijan province. It is 130 kilometers from the Tabriz (the largest city in northwest of Iran). Maragheh lies to the south of Sahand Mountain, which adds to the beauty of the city and makes it appealing to the tourists from all around the country and world.

There are various monuments all over the city which is due to the rich historical background of the city. On a hill west of the town are the remains of the famous Maragheh observatory called Rasad Khaneh, constructed under the direction of the Ilkhanid king, Hülagü Khan for Nasir al-Din al-Tusi.

There are four main universities in Maragheh, including University of Maragheh, Payam-e noor University of Maragheh, Azad University of Maragheh, and Maragheh University of medical sciences. Among them Maragheh university of medical sciences is among the active universities in the County.

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