1. Amazingly Hospitable Locals to Meet:



Iranians are warm, friendly, and welcoming to foreigners and are renowned for their hospitality. All these come from an Iranian desire to put others’ needs first where possible which makes visitors to remember Iran as “a haven for travelers.”



     2. Rich History and Culture to Experience:


Iran is one of the world’s most dynamic and prolific centers when it comes to arts, architecture and literature. Inspired by various schools of thought and ideologies, artists, architects and literary figures alike have made Iran the unique center of creativity and ingenuity it is today.



Iranian artist of various fields, from visual to performing to applied, pursue their practices in various subjects, time periods, schools, etc., holding numerous exhibitions and performances in major cities around country and the world. Architects, mostly combining ancient Persian architecture with that of the Islamic world, have also made their mark in the history of Iran and its contemporary state of architecture.



Regarding literature, it can be claimed with ease that the history of Iran somehow equals that of its literary traditions. Through time, numerous Iranian poets, writers and literary critics with global fame have come and gone, leaving their footsteps in the history of mankind.



3. Endless Delicious Cuisines to Eat:


One may not believe it, but there are many native Iranians who have not yet had the chance to taste traditional dishes of certain regions around the country.


Traditional Iranian foods are truly diverse, and they range from various kinds of stews to different types of roasted meat and kebabs to fried dishes to baked dishes to numerous soups and pottages to an assortment of salads, desserts, sweets and confectionary. You have an endless number of choices to enjoy all types of delicious edibles.






In case you are thinking about enjoying an afternoon with your friends or have some pleasant alone-time to yourself, there are numerous cafés and coffeehouses around and about. You can take part in a lively and interesting conversation with your friends while burying your spoon in a bowl of ice cream or sip your coffee while you quietly read your book and enjoy every second of your time. Such places, as well as ice cream parlors, juice bars and snack bars, can be found in all cities of Iran.



Trying the Iranian range of edibles is certainly a great experience, and we are sure once you have had a taste, you will come back for more!



4. Numerous Tourist Attractions to Visit:


Iran is by far one of the centers of human civilization. As Asia’s fourth largest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iran houses many historical sites and tourist attractions in various provinces and cities. Moreover, there are diverse natural tourist sites around the country.




Experiencing life in Iran and the Iranian lifestyle is surely an intriguing prospect, and you will leave with many a memory after you finish your studies. Studying in Iranian universities will give you the opportunity to see and feel this life first-hand and create one of the most pleasant adventures you will experience throughout your life.



5. Safe and Peaceful Social Atmosphere to Enjoy:


Iran is a rather a large country and has numerous populated urban areas. It is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the Middle-East, and there have been no conflicts in the country for many years. The consistent and continuous presence of the police provides safety and security for the entire population and has proven quite effective.



People are friendly, and when meeting a tourist or people from different countries, they try to communicate, even if they face language barriers. Moreover, there are many places where people of all ages can immerse in the social atmosphere such as various plays and concerts, and also can socialize in cafes, galleries and parks.



6. High-Quality, Up-to-Date Education:


Education matters a great deal to Iranians. Therefore, they are always looking to update the educational system and think out creative ways to adapt to international education systems. There are many top institutions at different levels, and universities are no exception. One of the key goals of the Iranian higher education system is to develop internationally and provide high-quality education to all students.









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