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Parasitology, Mycology and Immunology Research Group consists of 5 departments: Department of Parasitology, Department Mycology, and Department of Immunology, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Vaccine Research and Malaria Research Department. The group was approved by the Board of Trustees of Pasteur Institute of Iran in 2011 to integrate the activities of faculty members' activities and to direct research in order to achieve the 2025 Vision goals.
Department of Parasitology and Mycology Research was established following the approval of the Board of Trustees and presidential proclamation of Pasteur Institute of Iran in 2012. Some responsibilities were inserted in the proclamation, including: cooperate in the implementation of strategic plans, proposed research projects of the group, consultative group meetings, enforcement of circulars, strengthening the cooperation through inter-departmental and inter-group practical projects, continuous interaction and collaboration with Research Directorate to advance perspectives of the institute. This group is consisted of 7 departments and laboratories; Department of Parasitology, Laboratory of Molecular Systematics, Department of Mycology, Department of Immunology, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Vaccine Research, Laboratory Hybridomas and Malaria and Vector Research Department.
We have been trying to realize perspectives of management of the institute and cohesion of the group as well as reflecting requests of the faculty members of the group to Research Directorate.

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