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The Effects of Overcrowding Management on Patient Safety in the Emergency Department

 Authors: Dr.Iman Jafari Iraqi, Dr.Hosein Babatabar Darzi, Dr.Hosein Mahmoudi, Dr.Abbas Ebadi 



Mutations of Exons 5 and 6 in Tumor Suppressor Tp53 Gene in victims of chemical weapons

Authors: Dr.Shahnaz Tofangchiha, Dr.Moeen Bonak Dar, Dr.Mohammad Hasan Tajadini, Dr.Mahyar Nourian

V_Poster Code: A-10-250-1

The Impact of Social Support Skill‑training Group Intervention on Perceived Social Support in combat-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

 Authors: Dr.Masoud Sirati-Nir, Dr.Morteza Khaghanizade, Dr.Abolfazl Rahimi, Dr.Mohammad Khazaei, Dr.Fataneh

Ghadirian   V_Poster Code: A-10-624-1

The vital Role of Military Blood Bank and Laboratory in Disaster and War
 Authors: Dr.Mahdi Ghorbani, Dr.Saeideh Sohrabi

V_Poster Code: A-10-691-2

Development of a novel sensor for simultaneous electrochemical determination of carbaryl and fenamiphos based on rediused graphen oxide decorated on Cu/Cuo-Ag nano composite modified glassy carbon electrode

 Authors: Dr.Pegah Hashemi, Dr.Nashmil Karimian,Dr.Hosein khoshafar, Dr.Abbas Afkhami, Dr.Fariba Arduini, Dr.Hasan Bagheri

V_Poster Code: A-10-506-1

Preparation of Nano-formulation of Agave Extract and Comparison of its Antifungal Effect to Agave Extract on Candida Albicans

 Authors: Dr.Maryam Iman, Dr.Amin Hashemzadeh, Dr.Hasty Iman


Explaining the needs of Spouses of Veterans ‘War with post-traumatic stress disorder.

  Authors: Dr.Leila karimi    V_poster Code: A-10-348-1


Designing the “Rescue and Transport” Course in the Bachelor Curriculum of Nursing

  Authors: Dr.Hossein Babatabar Darzi, Dr.Iman Jafari Iraqi, Dr.mohammad.rmaleki,

 Dr.Ali Rahmani, Dr.mohammad.m salari

V_Poster Code: A-10-561-1



Passive Defense Measures to Confront the Health and Environmental Consequences of a Possible Nuclear Incident in Wars

 Authors: Dr.Somayeh Azarmi, Dr.Maryam azizi, Dr.Seyed omid Khalilifar

V_Poster Code: A-10-111-1 

The Effect of Variable Chronic Stress on Histopathologic Changes in Pancreatic Tissue and Insulin Level in Young and Old Rats

 Authors: Dr.Kianoosh Gholami, Dr.Beheshteh Abouhamzeh, Dr.Parvin Zareian, Dr.Iraj mirzaii Dizgah

V_Poster Code: A-10-720-1


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