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Military Health Priorities with Emphasis on Common Illnesses in Iranian Militaries: A Systematic Review

 Authors: Dr.Nasrin Jafari Golestan, Dr.Somayeh Azarmi

 V_Poster Code: A-10-419-1 


Dietary Recommendation of Iranian Traditional Medicine(Persian medicine) for Repair Fractures

 Authors: Dr.Elham Parsa, Dr. Mahmood Khodadoost , Dr.Armin Zareiyan 

V_Poster Code: A-10-747-1

The Effect of Education of Hospital Incident Command System on preparedness of Nurses in Nuclear Accidents

Authors: Dr.Abbas Mottaghian, Dr.Dadgari, Dr.Zahra farsi

V_Poster Code: A-10-233-1


Persistent response to acute psychosocial stress

 Authors: Dr.Alireza Mohammadi, Dr.Maryam AlemAref, Dr.Asgar Emamgoli, Dr.Zahra Boorboor, Dr.Boshra Hatef

V_Poster Code: A-10-353-1

Design and Manufacturing Nanobiosensors Fluorescent Bio-Barcode Based on Gold and Magnetic Nanoparticles for Rapid Detection of Shigella Species

 Authors: Dr.Narges Elahi , Dr.Mehdi Kamali , Dr.Mohammad Hadi Baghersad 

V_Poster Code: A-10-385-1




The Importance of Training and Increasing Military Nurses' knowledge Faced with Bioterrorism Attacks

Authors: Dr.Fatemeh Soleiman Abadi ,  Dr. Akram Parandeh

V_Poster Code: A-10-669-1


Iranianized model of HICS in military hospitals

Authors: Dr.Esmail Heidaranlu

 V-Poster Code: A-10-551-4

National and International Support Network for Chemical Warfare Victims

 Authors: Dr.Ahmad Ebadi

V_Poster Code: A-10-43-2

The Effects of Short-Term Green Tea and Caffeine Supplementation on Aerobic Performance and Health in Military Officer Students in Hot Environments

Authors: Dr.Mohammad Mehrtash, Dr.Vahid Sobhani, Dr.Hossein shirvani,  Dr.Mahdi Fasihi-Ramandi

 V_Poster Code: A-10-670-1

Review on Triage in Nuclear Events

 Authors: Maryam BeheshtifarAli AskariGhotbabadiMohammadAli Momeni

V_Poster Code: A-10-148-1


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