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Effectiveness of Stress Management Training on Mental Health And Sleep Quality of Shift Work Military Men
 Authors: Dr.Rasoul Abhar, Dr.Setareh Mohammadiyan, Dr.Mahmoud Movahedi, Dr.Mehdi Ashenagar
Virtual Poster Code: A-10-560-2


Auto Transfusion in Military Medicine Applications

 Authors: Dr.Ebrahim Hazrati, Dr.Babak Paknejhad, Dr.Azita Chegini, Dr.Mohammadreza kosari, Dr.Mohammadali Sharifi,

Dr. Alireza Rezaei

 V_Poster Code: A-10-644-01



Curriculum Development Master's Degree Program in Aerospace & Diving Nursing (Sub-Surface)

 Authors: Dr.Nasrin Jafari golestan, Dr.Masoud Fallahi Khoshknab

V_Poster Code: A-10-419-2


Bleeding control methods in military trauma: A systematic review study
 AuthorsDr. Hesam Sharif nia, Dr.Mohsen Rahmani, Dr.Saied shahraki, Dr.Hossein Mohammadebrahimi
V_Poster Code: A-10-292-1
Seroepidemiology of chronic toxoplasmosis in soldiers of garrison in Tehran

 Authors: Dr.Shaddel M, Dr.Khoshdel A, Dr.Anoshirvani K

V_poster code: A- 10- 477- 2

Review the importance of paying attention to the nutrition type and nutritive portion of military personnel in critical situations
 Authors: Dr.Parisa Hashemi, Dr.Shiva Pashaei, Dr.Alieh Pashaei
 V_Poster Code: A-10-779-1 
Seroprevalence of hepatitis A virus among soldiers from different countries: a systematic review

 Authors: Dr.Mahdi Easazadeh

V_Poster Code:A-10-661-1

Distributed cognition Model in Trauma Teams (Approach to an Effective Leadership Model (

 Authors: Dr.Ahmad askari, Dr.Alireza elhami

V_Poster Code: A-10-705-2

Studying the relationship between job burnout and quality of life in the Islamic Republic's army personnel and its related factors

Authors:Dr.Mohammad ali khoshnevis, Dr.Mohammad Mehdi salaree

V_Poster Code: A-10-595-2

Explaining the Role of Professional Ethics of Health Care Providers in the Treatment and Care of Wounded in Combat

 Authors: Dr. Zahra Farsi, Hengameh Habibi

V_Poster Code: A-10-101-3

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