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Aja International Military Medical Academy (AIMMA)
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Internationalization of the Aja University: Executive Solutions

 Authors : Researcher,Niloufar Nekozad, Professor.Alireza Khoshdel, Mahsa Hajili,MSc 

V_Poster Code: A-10-70-1

A Qualitative Study of Self-Care Facilitators In Iranian s’ Veterans with Combat Related PTSD

 Authors: Dr.Robabe khalili, Dr.Masoud sirati nir

V_Poster Code:  A-10-386-2

Taravana Syndrome: A Threat in Military Breath-Hold Diving

 Authors: Lut Col. Mr Dr Hamze Shahali, Mrs Dr Azade AmirAbadi Frahani,Col. Mr Dr Abolfazl KhademiLut Col. Mr Dr Mahmood Momenzadeh

Comparison of Temperament and Character in Conscripts with Suicidal Tendencies, Substance Abuser and Normal Conscripts

Authors: Dr.Komeil Zahedi Tajrishi, Dr.Arsia Taghva, Dr.Parviz Dabbaghi, Dr.Abbas Omid

 V_Poster Code: A-10-289-1

The Development Indicators for the Military Medical Academy: Systematic Review

 Authors: Dr.Nilufar Nekuzad,Mahsa Hajili.Msc, Dr.Alireza Khoshdel



Determine the relationship between sleep quality, job burnout and job satisfaction with mental health among police personnel in Kermanshah city

Authors: Alireza Sohrabi,  Mahdi karami, Nasrin Goharmehr

V_Poster Code: A-10-528-3


The Effect of Climate Factors on Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis among Iranian army population

 Authors: Dr. Erfan Ayubi1, Dr. Mohammad Barati, Dr. Arasb Dabbagh-Moghaddam, Dr. Alireza Khoshdel

V-Poster Code: A-10-615-1


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