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News | Aja university of military medical sciences met the medical department of Oman Army

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Aja university of military medical sciences met the medical department of Oman Army

According to the plan of bilateral cooperation in the military sphere between Oman and Iran, meeting of the medical departments of the armies of Iran and Oman was held on Saturday morning at Aja University of Medical Sciences in Tehran
لطفا چند لحظه تامل فرمائید ...


Colonel Dr. Alireza Khoshdel, commander of the Aja University of military medical Sciences with his assistants hosted Colonel Al-Harti,The assisstant chief of the Omani Army Health Administration. They exchanged views on bilatrial cooperation in an intimate meeting.

At the meeting, the commander of Aja University of military medical Sciences Dr. Alireza Khoshdel pointed to the intimate relations between the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Oman and stated "There has always been an intimate relationship between Iran and Oman, and the strategic relationship has always been considered as a sustainable relation between two countries, which we hope it will be the start of a new joint military-relationship between Iran and Oman. With regard to, same climatic and regional conditions,  both of Oman Sea and persian gulf have similar challenges."
Dr. Khoshdel explained the military medical facilities of the Army Medical University The Army Medical University was one of the 17 top medical universities in the country, which taught highly qualified doctors and medical staff. With regard to the variety of conditions and modern facilities and the need to have high-quality personnel at the level of the Islamic Republic of Iran's military, Aja University provided required forces in the field of medical and other medical services.
Dr. Khoshdel stated that we have the ability and possibility at this university to receive and educate students from other countries and world armed forces. It would be proud that the Army Medical University of the Islamic Republic of Iran exchanges students, military medical science , and  joint training programs with the army of Oman as our friend and brother country. 
 At the end, the commander of the Army Medical University referred to a long history of medicine in Iran, especially medicine in the army, added: "Iran has always been leader in the field of medicine and treatment in the world and Over the years Iran is known for medical practitioners and doctors, and the history is for 3000 years in the Iranian army, which indicates the importance of health in the Iranian army."
As a part of meeting program, Oman army visited Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Dentistry School and other sections ( Besat and Golestan Hospitals ) of Aja University of military medical Sciences.




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