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Tele-Health workshop in cooperation with the Aja ums and Iranian Space Agency was held on Wednesday 7 October in the conference hall of this University (Tehran) with participation of academic members, researchers, residents and medical students.


  Tele-Health is a growing field that uses telecommunication technologies to deliver healthcare services to pateints at a distance. on the other hand by  using Remote sensing Technology you can monitor and control diseases based on their geography characters.
The aim of this workshop was enhancement of the awareness in practice of telemedicine in Iran and ability to improve the patient care experience and population health.
 The main topics of the lectures  include the following:
1-  Useing space technology in medical geography ( farzaneh Rahimi, Iraniane Space Agency and Dr. Nilufar Nekuzad, Training Manager International Relations of Aja University Medical Science.
2-  The role of information technology in disaster management (Mahshid Kochaksaraei, President ofthe Committee of remote health education Armed Forces General Staff.
3-  The role and status of remote health organizations Space and Atmospheric Administration's missions (Dr. Mohammad Nobakht, Modern Warfare Naval Institute Sepah).
 4- Remote health education (Dr. Mojgan Mohammadi, Medical Education Development Center Study of University Medical Science).
 5- Compare the first and second phase project of remote medical care center Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (Dr. Elham shajareh, Telemedicine Research Center of Masih Daneshvari Hospital).
 6- Life support Wight in Research Kavoshgar (Biological capsule) and health status monitoring ( Dr.Niloufar Salim, expert  research  group The biological capsule-Aerospace Research Institute) the effect of simulated spacecraft on some human physiological parameters (Dr. Iraj Mirzaei, Aja University Medical Science).
     -A national congress on health GIS has been planned for february 2016 in a joint collaboration of the Iranian Space agency and Aja university of medical sciences. Furthermore, contribution of the faculty of aerospace & submarine is going to be tightened with the space research institute within the coming months.












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