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After 8 years of war_experince in the holy defense, and based on the experience gained and the need for a well-established health care practitioner, the first step was taken to establish Aja Medical University.  The "Military Medical University Islamic Republic of Iran” started its career with the 501 hospital building at 1993.  At the same time , Aja University of Military Medical Sciences was approved.

 The first admission period for the general medical doctorate program was conducted in March 1994. Currently, the School of Public Health Students is an assistant in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, Fellowship in Military Psychiatry and MPH in Military Health. 
The faculty of medicine has very good educational and research facilities and is located in the best urban setting and has a vast and very spacious space.
Hospitals of Imam Reza, 502, 505, Family, Hajar , Behesht and Golestan  are considered as a collection of specialist and specialized medical, research and therapeutic under the academic authority of the university.
School of Medicine accepts international students in the following programs:
Programs A-Z Listing
Basic Science
Anatomy Science│ MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc,
Biochemistry │   MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc
Clinical Psychology │ M.Sc. MD
Human Science │ M.Sc.
Iranian Medicine │ MD 
Management and health economics│ M.Sc. MD
Microbiology, Virology and Immunology  │ MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc
Clinical Psychology │ M.Sc. MD
New technologiest and genetics │ MD, B.Sc
Parasitology, mycology, entomology │  MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc
Pharmachology and Toxicology │  MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc
Pathology │  MD, B.Sc
Physiology│  MD, Non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc
Clinical Science
Anesthesia/ MD, Specially
Children/ MD
Internal/ MD, Specially
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/ Specially
Radiology/ MD, Specially/
Social medicine and epidemiology/ MD, non continuous B.Sc, B.Sc,MS
Surgery/ MD, Specially
Women and delivery/ MD 


School’s Research Centers:


·          Aja cancer research center

·          Biomechanuc

·          Infectious disease

·          Rapid molecular Diagnosis

·          Surgery and truma

Contact Information:

Tel/Fax: +9886096350_6

Zip code: 1411718541











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