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 Dentistry school of Aja University of Medical Sciences is located at Tehran the capital city of Iran, in one of the best neighbors in southern foothills of Alborz mountain. The main duty of AJA University of Medical Sciences is to educate medical staffs who are trained for serving at military services. As a part of AJA University of Medical Sciences, dental school trains dentists who become eligible to give dentistry service at the military. Based on this special duty, students learn how to manage the patients both in peace and in special conditions such as natural crises, social disasters, and war. During the learning courses, they learn how to serve both civil and armed force personnels.
The AJA School of Dentistry was first established as oral health college since 2007. It started to train oral health technicians and dental prosthesis technicians who were finally certified by 2-year period course associate degree and 4-year period course bachelor degree, respectively. In 2010 the school was upgraded to train dentistry students in 6-year course period with Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. 

Programs A-Z Listing:
Advanced course in endodontic treatments
Laser application in dentistry

School’s Research Centers:
Dental sciences research center

Contact Person:
Reza Fekrazad (DDS,MSc,FLD,FICD)
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