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A 46 hours short- term course on “Persian (Traditional Iranian) Medicine (TPM)” will be held by will be held by the Medicine Faculty, Aja University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


This workshop briefly introduce TPM approach to human health (specially in soldiery) and wants to increase the knwoledge about some  methods or drugs in preventig or healing of some prevalent problems in combats or crisises;and training audiences practical skills in some TPM therapeutic methods e.g cupping, leech thrapy, etc.


1-The principles of TPM: fundemental differences between humans, physically and mentally (Mezaj); four essential material in the body (Akhlat) and their importance in organs health; six core principle of keeping health in normal state. Relationship with military medicine.
2-The classification and prioritize of therapeutic methods in TPM: foods, drugs and manipulations; necessity and executive method of this prioritization in combats and hazards
3-Some TPM methods or drugs in preventig or healing of some prevalent health conditions in combats or crisises based on PM textbooks and latest scientific studies.
4- Teaching some TPM therapeutic methods e.g massage, cupping, and leech therapy; their importance in prevalent problems in combats and hazards.
Main Topics


  Basic Information:


Program Type:
Non-Degree Based
Level Of study:
Short-Term Course
School / Faculty:
Aja University of Military Medical Sciences
Major (Name Of program):
Persian (Traditional Iranian) Medicine (TIM)
 This program contact information:
Email Address:
West Fatemi St,Etemad Zadeh St.AjA University of Military Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Dr S. M. Mirghazanfari
Program Detail :
Length of Training:
46 Hours
Language Requirement:
  • English 
Admission Requirement:
All students and graduated persons in medical sciences


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