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 A two weeks short term course on “ disaster risk reduction (DRR) in military fields : for military commanders” will be held by health in disasters and emergencies department of AJA university medical sciences- nursing faculty.
The aim of this course is familiarity with scientific disaster management in civil disasters (natural and technological disasters).
According to increasing of number of disasters in recent decades, roles of military forces in the fields of disasters have highlighted more than past. Understanding of scientific disaster management principles help the army forces at disaster risk reduction, decrease death and injuries numbers and reducing of costs.
Main Topics
-          Familiarity with Disaster terminology
-          Familiarity with Disaster cycle
-          Familiarity with Incident command system
-          Familiarity with Disaster cycle
-          Familiarity with Mass vaccination in disaster
-          Familiarity with Death body management in disaster
-          Familiarity with Food security in disaster
-          Familiarity with Public health in disaster
-          Familiarity with  Improving the health and quality of life of homeless people  and design of suitable shelters    
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