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A Two-Week Short-Term Course on Research Methodology will be held by the Research Department of Nursing Faculty, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran from 3rd to 17th Dec 2018 and 7th to 21st May 2019.

The aim of this course is to introduce the concepts of research methodology and to enable the
budding researchers and the professionals to develop qualitative and quantitative research
knowledge and skills.


The Research Methodology Course equips you with the knowledge and skills required for
making a successful researcher. The program has been designed to provide you a platform to
enter your career as a research professional. This course provides you with a thorough
understanding of all important and relevant knowledge areas of qualitative and quantitative
research methodology.

Main topics

The course consists of a series of lectures and workshops.

Quantitative Research Methodology
Various topics will be presented in quantitative research methodology like Introduction to
Quantitative Research Methodology, Research Variables, Sampling Methods, Data Collection,
Types of Quantitative Research, Data Analysis, Report Writing, Use of SPSS Software, and etc.
Qualitative Research Methodology
The main topics of qualitative research methodology that will be presented include Introduction
to Qualitative Research Methodology, Data Collection Methods, Types of Qualitative Research
(Content Analysis, Grounded Theory, Phenomenology, Historical Research, Ethnography,
Mixed Method, and Action Research), Rigor in qualitative research, and etc.
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