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A One-Week Short-Term Course on Hematology Skills Training Course in a Mobile labwill be held by the Allied Medical Sciences Faculty, Aja University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
To provide a concise sessions of Hematology laboratory tests in a mobile lab.


Training the routine laboratory methods and interpreting the results of hematology tests in a mobile lab.
Main Topics

-        Principles of blood collection and current anticoagulants
-        Principles of Complete Blood Count (CBC)
-        Peripheral blood (PB) smear
-        PB report and differentiate WBCs
-        Vital staining and count reticulocyte
-        Manual CBC tests
-        Manual routine coagulation tests
-        Correlation between the results of different tests for each patient
-        General definition of anemia and classification
-        General definition of leukemia and classification

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