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 A two weeks short-term Course on  Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Provider Programme will be held by the  Medicine Faculty, Aja University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
Demonstrate the concepts and principles of the primary and secondary patient assessments.
Establish management priorities in a trauma situation.
Initiate primary and secondary management necessary within the golden hour for the emergency management of acute life threatening conditions.
In a given simulated clinical and surgical skills practicum, demonstrate a range of skills, which are often required in the initial assessment and treatment of patients with multiple injuries.
ATLS is a multidisciplinary course enabling a standardised language of trauma care across the specialties. Attendance at the course also exposes the candidate to a network of motivated colleagues with an enthusiasm for trauma management.
‘This is a good course for junior trainees to get a handle on the issues related to the management of trauma. The ABCDE approach attaches logic and structure. For myself the orthopaedic aspects and x-ray interpretation stations were very useful as these have not been covered since I was at medical school.’
‘The faculty were wonderful at demystifying the intricacies of trauma life support and I feel the skills learnt on the course are ones I can definitely use in my everyday career, particularly when on call’.

Main Topics
The ATLS® course covers a range of procedures and topics including:
Initial assessment and management
Airway and ventilatory management
Abdominal and pelvic shock
Thoracic trauma
Trauma – head, spine, musculoskeletal
Spinal Immobilisation
Secondary survey, head to toe exam, patient transfer
Spinal assessment/x-rays
Primary survey x-rays
Cricothyroidotomy/chest decompression/pericardiocentesis
Application of pelvic binder
 Basic Information:

Program Type:
Non-Degree Based
Level Of study:
Short-Term Course
School / Faculty:
Aja University of Military Medical Sciences
Major (Name Of program):
 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Provider Programme
 This program contact information:
Email Address:
West Fatemi St,Etemad Zadeh St.AJA University of Military Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Maryam.Massaeli, MD
Program Detail :

Length of Training:
 Two weeks
Language Requirement:
  • English 
  • Persian
Admission Requirement:

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