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 A 2 weeks( 5 days in each week) short- term course on “Airway and mechanical ventilation management in critical care” will be held by faculty medicine of Aja university of military medical sciences.

Critical care courses are designed to provide instruction to physicians, nurses who provide immediate medical care for the critically ill and injured. These courses introduce students to the fundamental concepts of Airway and mechanical ventilation management of patients during intensive care settings.
Aim of this course is to learn basic airway management and mechanical ventilation information and skills This course was developed as part of a comprehensive airway and mechanical ventilation  course for all  Bedside intensivists, hospitalists, pulmonologists, critical care physicians, advanced practice nurses, and respiratory therapists who routinely deal with mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU.
The airway management and mechanical ventilation Program provides hands-on experience troubleshooting airway management and mechanical ventilation, This course was developed to organize and standardize airway management education within our residency training program . Also describing basic features of positive pressure breathing, exploiting ventilator graphics , invasive and non invasive ventilation. Become an expert at determining conventional settings for treating acute respiratory failure, as well as integrating new strategies for providing life support while simultaneously protecting the lung.
Main Topics
  1. Orient themselves to basic airway assessment techniques.
  2. Investigate basic airway management skills.
  3. Review difficult airway algorithms.
  4. Explore the medications and techniques involved in rapid sequence intubation.
  5. Describe basic ventilator management.
  6. Gain exposure to self-directed and group learning about airway management using small-group cases.
  7. Define mechanical ventilation.
  8. Describe types of artificial airways and the indications for each one.
  9. Describe different ventilator modes.
  10. Describe potential causes for a high-pressure alarm.
  11. Describe types of non-invasive mechanical ventilation.
  12. Describe the correct procedure for sterile suctioning.
  13. Identify two indications for sedating and pharmacologically paralyzing a mechanically ventilated patient.
  14. Identify parameters that must be monitored while patients are mechanically ventilated.
  15. Define ventilator weanin
  16. Identify criteria that indicate when the patient is ready to be extubated.
Basic Information:

Program Type:
Non-Degree Based
Level Of study:
Short-Term Course
School / Faculty:
Aja University of Military Medical Sciences
Major (Name Of program):

Airway and mechanical ventilation management in critical care 
 This program contact information:
Email Address:
West Fatemi St,Etemad Zadeh St.AjA University of Military Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Dr.Ebrahim Hazrati
Program Detail :
Length of Training:
2 weeks( 5 days in each week)
Language Requirement:
  • English 
  • Persian
Admission Requirement:
-       Anesthesiologists
-    Nurses (especially who works in ICU and emergency room)
-       MDs( general practitioners and specialists)
-       Emergency medical practitioners
-       Internists
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