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  A three months of training (fellowship training), and short-term weekly courses for three consecutive years of pediatric neurosurgery will be held by Medicine Faculty of Aja university of military medical sciences.



The aim of these courses is to promote advanced theoretical and practical skills emphasizing new surgical techniques and treatment of children with surgical lesions of the nervous system. In addition to these,  team work based management in order to get better results in pediatric neurosurgry will be carefully considered.
The pediatric division of  neurosurgery  department in Nemazee hospital in Shiraz  with an annual admission of over 1,500 patients in the neurotrauma ,neuroendoscopy and neuro-oncology and congenital nervous system diseases  can provide  a powerful educational and therapeutical center of pediatric neurosurgry in southern Iran. These courses will help you get acquainted with the latest techniques and strategies in treatment of children  with neurosurgical  lesions. During this period, scientific meetings will be organized with pediatric oncologist, craniofascial surgeons, peditric neurologist and other relatve subspecialist.
The courses are divided in to two forms , three months of training (fellowship training), and short-term weekly courses for three consecutive years of pediatric neurosurgery.
Main Topics
- 3 months  Fellowship Training Course for pediatric neurosurgery:
Saturday: Training Course - Live surgery
Sunday: Journal Club + Patient Clinic Visit
Monday: live surgery + neurosurgery grand round+ Craniosinostosis surgery and joint meningomyelocele  repair with Plastic Surgery Group
Tuesday: Clinical Visit +epilepsy surgery in children(case discussion+ live surgery)
Wednesday: neuroendoscopy (journal club +live surgery)
Basic Information:

Program Type:
Non-Degree Based
Level Of study:
Short-Term Course
School / Faculty:
Aja University of Military Medical Sciences
Major (Name Of program):

Pediatric Neurosurgery Complementary Courses 
 This program contact information:
Email Address:
West Fatemi St,Etemad Zadeh St.AjA University of Military Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Dr.Mohammad Sadegh Masoudi, pediatric neurosurgeon and 
Program Detail :
Length of Training:
Time of the beginning of 3-months courses:
fall period:23september2019

winter period:22 December 2019

Language Requirement:
  • English 
  • Persian
Admission Requirement:
-All neurosurgeons and residents of neurosurgery  can attend to 3 months period courses But residents are not allowed to attend weekly courses
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