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 This supplementary course, which is held for a period of one week, is scheduled for a period of three years to provide surgeons with a post-graduate degree in pediatric neurosurgery.
The aim of these courses is to promote advanced theoretical and practical skills emphasizing new surgical techniques and treatment of children with surgical lesions of the nervous system. In addition to these,  team work based management in order to get better results in pediatric neurosurgry will be carefully considered.
After completing all three courses, the participants will receive the final certificate. At the end of each year, participants will be offered a course attendance certification.
Main Topics
Topics presented by year of presentation
The following topics will be presented in the first year
Traumatic head injuries in children and how to deal with them?
CNS infections
Hydrocephalus and its treatment
Nervous system cysts and review of current and new therapies
posterior fossa tumors in children, diagnosis and treatments
In the second year, the following topics are presented:
Traumatic injury of the spine and spinal cord in children
Congenital spinal  column and diseases in children
Craniosynostosis , surgery of spinal dysraphysm
Suprasellar lesions and  tumors  of cranial  Skull base
Advance pediatric neuroendoscop
In the third year, the following topics are presented:

Superatentorail  tumors  in childrens
Infections of the nervous system
Functional Neurosurgical disorders in children (spasticity and torticollis)
Pineal region lesions
Epilepsy surgery  in children
The weekly schedule is presented in the following manner:
Day 1: Welcome and coordination course
Day Two: Theoretical Class - Video Case Study - Live Surgery 
Day Three: journal club-Live Surgery +Video Surveys - Team Building Creation in Pediatric Neurosurger
Day Four: Theoretical Class - Live Surgery - Video Survey
Day Five: Theoretical Class - Live Surgery - journal club 
6th day: Teamwork and journal club - pediatric Neurosurgery date bank
Seventh Day: Conclusion of the Closing ceremony
The beginning of the first cycle weekly period:27 april-3 may 2019
There are up to 30 surgeons in the weekly courses
Basic Information:

Program Type:
Degree Based
Level Of study:
Fellowship Course
School / Faculty:
Aja University of Military Medical Sciences
Major (Name Of program):
IRAN pediatric neurosurgery post graduate pediatric neurosurgery course
This program contact information:
Email Address:
West Fatemi St,Etemad Zadeh St.AjA University of Military Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Dr.Mohammad Sadegh Masoudi, pediatric neurosurgeon and 
Program Detail :
Length of Training:
The beginning of the first cycle weekly period:27 april-3 may 2019
Language Requirement:
  • English 
  • Persian
Admission Requirement:
-All neurosurgeons and residents of neurosurgery  can attend to 3 months period courses But residents are not allowed to attend weekly courses
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