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The SBMU School of Allied Medical Sciences began its mission in 1972 as a private college named “The Higher Institute of Hospital Sciences” admitting students in “School Health”, “Industrial Health”, “Radiology Technology”, “Nursing”, “Medical Lab Technology”, and “medical Records”. In 1984, the field of “Midwifery” was also added to it.

At the present time, the school is active in an area of 8530 m²; benefiting from the collaboration of 60 academic staff, and 842 students in 13 majors, including “Applied proteomics” (PhD level), “Biostatistics” (at both MSC & PhD levels), “Health Sciences Management” (PhD level), “Medical Informatics” (at both MSC & PhD levels), “Radiology & Radiation Protection” (MSC level), “Medical Lab Hematology & Blood Bank” (MSC level), “Clinical Biochemistry” (MSC level), “Librarianship & Medical Informatics” (MSC level), “MRI Technology” (MSC level), “Health Information Technology” (at both BSC & MSC levels), “Medical Lab Technology” (BSC level), “Radiology Technology” (BSC level), and “Radiotherapy technology” (BSC level). There are 600 undergraduate students, 197 MSC students, and 45 PhD students studying at the school.

The Departments at the SBMU School of Allied Medical Sciences include “Medical Lab Technology”, “Biostatistics”, “Basic Sciences”, “Health Information Technology & Management”, “Medical Lab hematology & Blood Bank”, “English Language”, “Librarianship” and “Radiology Technology”.


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