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The SBMU School of Health & Safety was established in 1970, offering fields of study in “Occupational Health”, “Public Health”, and Environmental Health” (at both BSC & Associate Degree Levels), and as an independent school.

Currently, the School includes five educational departments including the departments of “Occupational Health”, “Public Health”, “Environmental Health”, “Family Health”, and “Epidemiology”, with students at BSC, MSC, and PhD levels; as well as MPH programs in “Public Health” for managers, applied programs in “Environmental Health”, “Disasters & Emergencies” at various levels.

The SBMU School of Health & Safety includes two separate buildings. In the first building, the offices of the Dean of the School, Vice-Dean in Academic Affairs, Research Manager; and also the Department of Epidemiology, Administration, MPH classes, and other graduate programs, the Library, Computer Site and Workshop, Shahid Khorakian Meeting Hall, the Occupational & Environmental health Labs are located. In the second building, the offices of the academic staff, the classes, Shahid Rahimi Meeting Hall, the Amphitheater, Public and Environmental Health Labs are placed rendering their services to more than 600 students.

The SBMU School of Health & Safety is determined to expand its educational, academic, research and service activities in the future decade, and to obtain successes such as active participation in the production of science and research in health sciences, to train efficient & outstanding human resources at national level and Eastern Mediterranean Region.   

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