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School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine



School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine was established in 2008 as a graduate academic center to educate talented students at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. This School also offers post-doctorate programs, fellowships, and short-term courses. School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine is looking forward to establishing mutually interested collaborations with well-known academics and research centers throughout the world.
This school accepts students in the post graduate studies level. The curriculum is hoped to fill the gap between university and industry in medical sciences. To see what programs the school has on offer, please visit the school's official webpage.

Contact Information

Postal Address: No. 88, Italia St, TUMS School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821) 4305 2000 - Ext. 401

Fax: (+9821) 8899 1117



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