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Message from the Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and Internatioanl Affairs




Dear Students:


In 2006, a progressive group of professors and researchers united to establish the International Campus of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Their main goal was, and continues to be, breaking new grounds in educational excellence in the medical fields with an international outlook. Since I began my tenure, my colleagues and I have remained committed in our goals. We all know that more than ever in our history, we are affected by globalization.  


If not impossible, it is extremely difficult to measure the impacts of globalization on our lives. As an example, globalization in education has allowed people access to more information and knowledge regardless of regional boundaries.

In teaching and learning, we do not have any other option but to go beyond our borders and expand our horizons. In other words, we must ensure that our education will meet world standards. In teaching, we need to have a standardized curriculum, aided by technology and based on the latest research. In learning, we need to strive for strength and excellence. 

If we are to prioritize our goals, we would say that we aim to:

  • promote scientific collaboration between Iranian and international universities,
  • boost exchange between Iranian and world scholars,
  • design joint degree programs through collaboration with world universities,
  • offer joint degrees,
  • attract students from all over the world in all levels of medical studies.

I would like to inform you that the International Campus has dedicated 50% of its admissions to international students. We welcome you from around the world.


Dr. Ramin Kordi

Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs

Tehran University of Medical Sciences 


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