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Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (SHMU)

 Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (ShMU) is a prestigious university in Iran located in the city of Shahroud, about 390 km east of Tehran (the capital of Iran).

Shahroud University of Medical Sciences was established in 1971 as a LPN institute (Behyari) by Red Crescent Community. Two years later moved to Ministry of Health and developed to Collage of Midwifery and in 1992, progressed to Shahid Rajaee faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. According to Medical University Development Councils’ definite agreement Shahroud University of Medical Sciences was approved in 2007.
Today, ShMU by big efforts ambitiously aims to educate students in various medical fields and levels. It is recognized as one of the most important centers in the provision of health services in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Also, in the higher goals of the university, it attempts to  promote medical knowledge of the community and training specialized health staff.

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