MOU Signing, Charleville Hospital, France ( 2019). MOU Signing, Charleville Hospital, France ( 2019) Geriatric Medicine Department, Imam Hossein Hospit MOU, STIFAR2018 MOU Signing, STIFAR, Indonesia2 MOU Signing, STIFAR, Indonesia School Of Medicine Hematology Lab Research Lab Microscope Hall Students Circadian Sport Complex2 Sport Complex3 Sport Complex1 2.Startup Weekend 2016 Shcool of nursing & midwifery 6Nature 5Nature 4Nature 3Nature 2Nature 1Natures
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The Road Ahead

EducationIRAN, conceived as a project between the three ministries of 'Foreign Affairs', 'Health and Medical Education' and 'Science, Research and Technology', is a national organization with the sole aim of pushing beyond the boundaries of knowledge and raising the standards of international higher education. It is our goal to usher in a new age for Iran's higher education system and help Iranian higher education institutes find their rightful place in international higher education landscape.


Our vision is an ambitious one, and the path ahead is clear. Join EducationIRAN for a successful future!

Member Universities
  • Shahroud
  • Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (SHMU)
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