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The currency of Iran is the Iranian Rial. The currency code for Rial is IRR, and the currency symbol is ﷼. There is also another money unit in Iran which is called Toman, and it is equivalent to 10 Rials. Toman is more common in oral communication, while Rial is the official unit and used in formal situations and bank transactions.


  • Money Exchange:

There are numerous official exchange offices and certain bank branches in Iran where you can easily change major currencies to the Iranian Rial. However, it is recommended to exchange some money at an official organization before leaving for Iran as foreign currencies are not accepted here.

Please be aware that, in general, the exchange rate in the Central Bank of Iran is different from the market rate offered in exchange offices.


  • Bank Account:

International students are allowed to open a bank account in Iran after completing their registration. The relevant bank will issue a debit card which can be used in ATMs around the city. Contact the international office of your university for any assistance you may need regarding this matter.

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